Devil`s Pool

One of the most interesting entertainments in Victoria Falls is a natural waterhole on the edge of the devil s poolvictoria falls.

Mostly unknown to the majority of tourists the pool with the width of about ten meters is located next to the cliff found near Livingstone island.

Only a slippery, submerged lip of rock stands between these bathers and a 100m drop over the world’s largest waterfall. As it is separated from the abyss only by this narrow bridge it is no wonder that this place is called the Devil’s Pool.

The most daring visitors jump in and allow themselves to be carried towards the falls at terrifying speed. They are just inches from the edge when the rock lip brings them to a halt as the raging waters of the Zambezi crash over the edge a few feet away.

For most of the year, anyone foolish enough to enter the waters would be instantly swept to their deaths. But when levels drop, the natural rock walls of the Devil’s Swimming Pool come close enough to the surface to form a barrier and stop swimmers being carried away.

Entering the pool is forbidden during the high water season, as the bathers can be carried by the stream into the abyss.