Maramba Market

Maramba is the largest market in Livingstone Zambia – colorful, vibrant and bustling with activity.

Only a kilometer out of Livingstones centre is this market for locals where the people of Livingstone come to shop.

zambia market 2 Maramba Market incorporates just about every type of business venture imaginable. Here the local people sell everything. There are rows and rows of stalls for second hand clothes, woman selling fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and rice, stacks of “chitengies” (brightly colored fabric), pots and pans. You find places to fix your bike, sew your backpack, buy a bed or get a toy made from some copper wire and a couple of bottle tops.

The people are used to lots of Muzungus being around (quite often this market is the best stocked in town!) so feel free to walk around and soak up the atmosphere but remember to dress modestly and ask before taking photos.

Though people are very friendly it is adviced to hide cameras and to travel in a group if possible, since this is a local and not a touristic market.

zambia market