Boat Cruise in Chobe

Explore Botswanas most popular National Park on a Boat Cruise

The Riverfront in Chobe National Park is counting the highest numbers of visitors of all parks in Botswana. Famous for its large numbers of elephants Chobe attracts animal lovers from all over the world.

Get a different angle of the park on a three hours long Boat-Safari. Observe herds of elephants crossing the river swimming in line while holding each others tails.

Chobe River is a natural border. See Chobe Riverfront on the Botswanan side and Namibia on the other. You can see plenty of wildife coming to the riverbanc for water and crocodiles sunbathing surrounded by a variety of birds.
If you book the sun sets your cruise fo the afternoon you might be able to see the african sun setting over Chobe River. Plenty of pictures and unforgettable memories quaranteed.

The Chobe Boat Trip is definately a great experience showing you Chobe from a more peaceful angle.

Book for 45€ pp Only