Chobe Day Trip

Explore Botswanas most popular National Park in one day.

A day full of excitement and experiences.

The Riverfront in Chobe National Park is counting the highest numbers of visitors of all parks in Botswana. Famous for its large numbers of elephants Chobe attracts animal lovers from all over the world.

You start the day with a morning game drive in an open 4×4 safari vehicle. During lunch break you have the possibility to order a proper meal and to share the experiences of the morning. When the heat of the midday sun is slowly going down and the animals come out their hiding places you get a different angle of the park on a 3-hrs Boat-Safari. Before the sun sets you are back at your lodge with plenty of pictures and unforgettable memories.

Optionally you can skip the boat-safari and spend the whole Day Trip on road in the 4×4 vehicle. The Trip will be slightly shorter than the 4×4 + boat version. This is a good alternative, if you plan to book a boat cruise separately from the Day Trip.

The Chobe Day Trip is definately the most affortable way of visiting our wildlife.

If you only have little time or you are travelling on a budget the Chobe Day Trip is a must do!

Book fo 110€ Only

(inclusive water, but lunch is excluded)