Spitzkoppe Excursion

Visit the world-famous Spitzkoppe!

From Swakopmund we drive inland, away from the fog and the cold. Landscape eventually changes and vegetation becomes more diverse. The area around Spitzkoppe is know for semi precious stones and we have the opportunity to view and buy some from local traders.

The Spitzkoppe area is famous for unique plants such as Hoodia, Butter tree (Kobas, Cyphostemma Currorii), and Bushman tea (Myrothamnus). The island mountain developed through erosion, and the folk named it „Namibian Matterhorn”. Bizarre rock formations, fascinating colour contrasts – it is a photographic paradise. There are numerous ages old bushman paintings reflecting on a time gone by untouched by the western world. Small antelopes called Klipspringer and rock dassies can be viewed here. On request, we will serve you a nice picnic at a beautiful shaded place with a great view.

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PICK-UP TIME: 08:00hrs -16:00hrs