Tandem Skydiving


Do the jump of your lifetime in Swakopmund, the SkyDive destination No 1!

You will never forget the day you jumped out of an airplane above the Namib desert and the Atlantic Ocean.

It `s simply magical….

This takes place daily, normally after the fog has lifted in the morning. Before taking off, an experienced Tandem Master will give full instructions on the procedures that will follow. Once in the plane you will enjoy a 15-20minute scenic flight over the area climbing up to 15,000 feet. After exiting the plane, a 30-35 sec at min. 220km/h free fall will follow before the parachute opens.

Once under the canopy, another 5-8 minutes are enjoyed whilst descending to a tiptoe landing outside the club house. Tandem Skydiving in Swakopmund has a 100% safety record and guarantees enjoyment in the safest possible manner.

Videos and Photos are available to document.

Book for 160€ pp Only

Get a video recorded by a filming crew jumping with you.

video + photos = 60€ pp

or get a video taken by GoPro = 37€ pp

If you got a skydiving license and you want to jump alone. Just contact us and we make it happen.

Furthermore, it is possible to get your skydiving license in our Skydiving school. Don`t hesitate to ask.