Devils Swim and Livingstone Island Tours

Livingstone island provides exclusive and unique picnics on the edge of the Victoria Falls.

It is a protected area, that is only allowed a maximum of 16 people on at any one time. The atmost care is taken to protect and preserve the natural habitat of the area. Tongabezi have an exclusive operators licence to conduct the Livingstone Island and Devils swimming pool.

The Devils Swim is an awesome experience and the operation is extremely well managed and run by Tongabezi, with safety being a high priority.

Five trips are offered throughout the day each trip lasting about 1.5 to 2 hrs.

A short boat ride speeds you through the current of the Zambezi river, twisting and turning as the captain navigates his way through the rocky channels, this in itself is an exhilarating experience as you head towards the rising column of spray from the Victoria Falls.

Once on the sandy and rock island you are greeted by the island staff with a traditional Maheu energy drink made from maize meal and are then led to the very edge of the Falls on the east of the island overlooking Horseshoe and Rainbow Falls.

The guides then lead you to the west of the island overlooking Main Falls. Wow… what a magnificent view, as the main torrent of water gushes over the basalt precipice. It’s like no other view of the Falls and gives a completely different perspective to the views one gets from the path through the Rainforest on the other side of the canyon.

During the morning trips, if it’s sunny day, the rainbows are just incredible. It’s truly jaw dropping and honestly I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Now is your chance to jump into the Devils Pool if you wish, this is not compulsory and is only if you feel comfortable. Stripping down to your swimming costume (they have spares just in case you thought you weren’t brave enough, but have now suddenly worked up the courage) your guide leads you and explains your route.

You swim slightly upstream in a very slow current, being a strong swimmer is not a prerequisite. A safety rope is also in place as an added precaution. You then climb out on another rocky outcrop close to the edge of the Falls and the Devils Pool.

The Devils Pool itself is a deep natural pool that has been created by thousands of years of erosion, but what is unique about it is that there is a rock ledge on the lip of the Falls, where the water is only a few centimetres deep. This natural barrier is what allows you to jump into the deep pool but not get swept over the edge.

You can now lie on this rock lip at the edge of the Devils Pool and look right into the 103m chasm of the Falls, with huge torrents of water flowing just meters away. The guides will take photos and video of you with your camera if you have one.

The Devils Pool has a real adrenaline high and people who have experienced it Love it!. Once back on Livingstone island you will be treated to either breakfast, lunch or snacks depending the the time of day you have gone.

Your boat then whisks you back to the mainland at Royal Livingstone hotel. A Magical experience!

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Please note that there are several off-the-street guides who offer tourists the opportunity to do this activity, but these guides are not licensed and we would strongly advise against going with one of them. Accidents have occurred with these guys which have led to bad publicity.

The Livingstone Island tour is seasonal and can only be done when the water level of the Zambezi river is low enough to allow safe access to Livingstone Island. This is from approximately early July to early March.

The Devils swimming Pool is available for an even shorter period as the water level has to be really low to allow for safe swimming.
Although variable every year this is normally from late August to early January.

Livingstone Island Morning Breezers (7:30 or 9:00h) for 95€ pp

Livingstone Island Lunch (10:30 or 12:30h) for 154€ pp

Livingstone Island High Tea (15:30h) for 130€ pp