TOUR: Boiling Pot Hike (full day)

Take this awesome picturesque hike in the morning or afternoon down the gorge, under the Victoria Falls Bridge, and experience the splendour of the Victoria Falls from down below. Then take a swim in the pools at the base of the falls.

Seeing the Victoria Falls from its base is a breathtaking experience, but there is a rather strenuous hike involved. You have to walk down the Batoka Gorge, go under the Victoria Falls Bridge and take a raft to the base of the Falls. Sounds simple enough, but you do have to be reasonably fit in order to complete this rather physical activity. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the bottom of the gorge which is almost 110m high (360 feet), with steep steps, rocks, some rafting and swimming. Then there is the preparation time and rafting across to the other side of the gorge which takes about 30 minutes. After spending about an hour at the base of the Falls, it takes roughly another  hour to get back out of the gorge. The experience though is very enjoyable and worth the time and effort!

When you get to the bottom of the gorge, you will be met with a life jacket and a raft which will take you against the current and across to the base of the Falls. You don’t need to be a pro-rafter to take the oars, just listen to the guides’ instructions to either paddle forwards, backwards or stop.

Once you get to the Falls side, you can enjoy a hike across the rocks. You will be amazed by the scenery at the bottom of the gorge and coming around the bend to see the Victoria Falls and the spray from down below will blow your mind. Take your time and walk carefully getting to the waterfalls because the rocks are very slippery.  This is the best part of the Boiling Pot hike so feel free to strip down to your swimming gear and jump into the pools below the Falls.

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Duration: 3.5hrs

includes safety gear and water, excludes park fee (10USD to be paid on the day of the tour)Children under 15 are not allowed for the Boiling Pot Hike. Children under 18 need to have signed authorisation by their parents/guardians.

Please note that a reasonable level of fitness is required for hiking the gorge.

Best Time for the Hike
The Boiling Pot Hike is a seasonal activity, much like the low water rafting, which is offered during the months of August through to December when the water  level of the Zambezi River is at the right height in order to make access possible. Outside of these months the shear volume of water makes it dangerous and access impossible. There are two times at which you can do the Boiling Pot Hike – 9AM and 3PM.