Horse Back Safaris

There is no wonder why Horse Back Safaris are so extremely popular these days.

It is a truly exhilarating experience to ride through the African bush, it kind of transcends one back in time to the pioneer days.  It’s quiet and peaceful and you feel at one with nature.

In a vehicle, you are remote from the excitement around you; on horseback your senses come alive. The combination of riding and game viewing makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

What better place can you think of for an African Horse Safari than the Zambezi River valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty, with such a diversity of habitats from from the magnificent Zambezi River, to rugged mopane woodland and the endless dunes of Kalahari sand teak forest.

Beginners get the opportunity to enjoy the special experience of viewing game from a horse, and explore this beautiful area.  They take place in an area where there is a high concentration of game, and game viewing opportunities are plentiful. Clients will have to control their own horse after a brief instructions on controlling their horses, and guides accompanying the ride will assist throughout. For clients who have done some riding there will be opportunities to trot, or even canter, but only if they are proficient enough to do so. The horses used on a novice ride are quiet, though still of good quality, and shorter distances are covered.

For more experienced riders we have a variety of options ranging from morning and afternoon rides, full day rides and longer multiday trips. The former provide you with a superb opportunity to explore this area, with it’s magnificent scenery and wildlife. You should be able to do a posting trot, and be confident at all paces – this means more than just hanging on.

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